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YODEL™ drives the modernization of cross-border business collaboration by converging physical and digital cluster ecosystems.

Benefit from the Call Catalyst and Match Maker:

  • Large corporates efficiently source solutions supporting their renewal and growth strategies from local business ecosystems, at a global scale
  • SMEs and Start-ups find new business partners and market opportunities in Switzerland and Liechtenstein, and worldwide
  • Investors identify de-risked deal flow with new collaboration partnerships formed through successful Call Catalyst projects

YODEL complements existing networks and initiatives in Switzerland and Liechtenstein. It facilitates unmatched international outreach through the trusted GCCA Cluster partner network and strategic collaboration with NIA Ltd. – physically and digitally connecting local business ecosystems around the world.

YODEL is a not-for-profit initiative of a private consortium and is organized as a fond of Fondation des Fondateurs based in Zurich, Switzerland.

As a fully independent and open platform it is designed to support the development towards a shared economy and low carbon prosperity.

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Resource efficiency offers tangible business opportunities for a green economy and low carbon prosperity. The Swiss Centre for Efficiency provides innovative solutions for product and process development and resource efficiency consulting in Switzerland and emerging markets. Services range from concept studies to project implementation, and from strategic business consulting to sector-specific solutions addressing relevant circular economy challenges.

The Swiss Center for Efficiency is supporting the coordination of YODEL activities and services in Switzerland.

Swedish Cleantech 

Since 1998 Fargate offers the largest network of independent Swiss export agents with 150 satellites in 50 countries worldwide. Focus is the arrangement of international business such as export, outsourcing, joint ventures, M&A, licensing, and more. Main clients are small and medium sized enterprises with 50+ employees, 10+ millions in Euro sales, an export share of > 10%, and the number of export countries simultaneously developed of > 3.

Fargate provides YODEL with its proven knowhow and expertise in efficient business match making, worldwide.


mundi Consulting is the competent partner for management and strategy consulting, development of decision-making criteria as well as management of business offices and projects. In addition, mundi Consulting develops policy fundamentals and explores open innovation-based business opportunities and new business models. People with the necessary specialized knowledge and a passion for innovation constitute the focal point of activities.

mundi Consulting is supporting YODEL with a particular focus on its digitalization and ICT expertise.


swiss export is providing hands-on best practice export information, competence building, education courses and networking events for dynamic entrepreneurs in Switzerland and Liechtenstein. Founded more than 40 years ago - in 1973 - swiss export is the leading private export association with strategic partners and members from all industry sectors. As a flagship event, swiss export is organizing the annual Swiss Export Day.

swiss export is YODEL partner for customized export competence building, education courses and networking events in Switzerland.


ATIZO 360° is the Swiss market leader in open innovation. Building on the experience of more than 400 realized open innovation projects since 2008, ATIZO 360° offers fine-tuned open innovation process, software and methodology knowhow. With atizo.com, direct access is provided to Europe’s most successful crowdsourcing community with over 25’000 creative thinkers. Reference clients are Nestle Suisse SA, Rivella, BMW, Destination Davos Klosters, or EWB.

ATIZO 360° supports YODEL with best practice expertise in open innovation and a leading European innovator community.


Since 1990 T-LINK has offered solutions in the following areas: export packaging, industrial and project freight forwarding, exhibition logistics, and trade fair marketing. The logistic services are offered from a single source, making forwarding logistics simpler so that clients can benefit from less expenditure relating to disposition and coordination. T-LINK is a trusted partner for Swiss Pavilions, e.g. CeBIT Hannover, GLOBE Vancouver or WFES Abu Dhabi.

T-LINK supports YODEL with international logistics solutions and targeted networking events in growth markets across the world.

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